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Deportation Defense & Detainees

Experienced Deportation Defense Attorneys

At Rogers & Rogers, our attorneys actively defend the rights of people facing deportation. We are experienced advocates who believe in assertively defending our clients' visa status. In a removal case there may be several possible defenses. Our firm will examine all potential defenses and will energetically represent you at all stages of the removal process. We represent clients in the Immigration Courts located throughout the United States, with primary emphasis in Philadelphia and York, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia.

Call us at 412.434.7500 or 704.372.7222 to arrange for a consultation. An attorney at our firm can evaluate your situation and discuss possible legal strategies with you.

Criminal Law and Removal Proceedings

The lawyers of Rogers & Rogers have represented numerous people facing deportation due to prior criminal convictions. Our first goal is to seek the release of the detainee, if that is possible. We are highly creative in this regard and have succeeded in securing the release of a number of people using different legal strategies. After working to obtain our client’s release, we then begin preparing a deportation defense designed to prevent the removal of the detainee.

We work closely with criminal defense attorneys in such matters. It may be possible to vacate a conviction or plead guilty to a lesser crime that does not affect immigration status.

Preventing Deportation By All Means Possible

At Rogers & Rogers, every client's future is important to us. We aggressively work to prevent deportation and to regularize our clients' immigration status.

For a consultation with a deportation defense lawyer at Rogers & Rogers, call our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office at 412.434.7500, our Charlotte, North Carolina office at 704.372.7222, or send us an e-mail.

We offer services in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian
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