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Experienced Asylum Attorneys

People who have suffered violence, the threat of violence or persecution in their home countries because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a political group, or political opinion can apply for asylum in the U.S. If asylum is granted, you will be able to stay in the U.S. for an indefinite period, can apply for a permanent visa, and visas for your family members. However, if conditions in your home country change and you are no longer at risk, you may have to leave the U.S unless you obtain temporary or permanent visa status.

In addition, victims of human trafficking and domestic violence may be eligible for visas under the provisions of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (VTVPA), as can victims of certain natural disasters.

Rogers & Rogers is an experienced immigration law firm with a record of success in asylum cases. We understand the rules and guidelines that hearing officers and immigration judges use to determine protected status, and work vigorously to achieve our clients' goals in such matters.

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Presenting a Solid and Convincing Case

You must apply for asylum within one year of your entry to the United States. Following your application, you must appear before an asylum officer who will decide whether to grant you asylum.

The key to success at this hearing is to be thoroughly prepared and to answer the Officer's questions truthfully. Rogers & Rogers can help prepare for this interview by explaining the types of questions the officer is likely to ask, preparing supporting documentation that can strengthen your case, and helping you avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your application. We can also represent and advise during the interview.

If your asylum application is granted, Rogers & Rogers can also prepare applications for permanent visas for you and your immediate family members at the appropriate time. If the officer rules against your application, our lawyers can represent you before an Immigration Judge where we will have the opportunity to clarify any outstanding questions regarding your application and present additional information in support of your petition.

At Rogers & Rogers, your future is important to us. We will work to present a solid and convincing case on your behalf.

For a consultation with Rogers & Rogers, call our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office at 412.434.7500, our Charlotte, North Carolina office at 704.372.7222, or send us an e-mail.

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